XMS Cloud Management Platform

Smooth integration of ClickShare and wePresent units into the company network

  • Health and status monitoring 
  • Scheduling of software updates from anywhere worldwide
  • Remote device rebooting
  • User management
  • Insights and analytics on the meeting room usage
  • Device configuration templates
  • Remote wallpaper installation

About XMS Cloud Management Platform

XMS Cloud Management Platform offers more, secure possibilities for IT managers deploying or owning a large install of ClickShare and/or wePresent wireless collaboration devices. It provides an easy to use interface for remote and reliable device management to guarantee the user experience and it brings useful analytics to drive the Digital Workplace. 

The challenge to easily maintain, manage and monitor devices remotely, often distributed over a number of different buildings and locations is perfectly addressed by our XMS Cloud Management Platform. 

To access the XMS Cloud Management Platform, a Cloud gateway needs to be installed in the company’s IT networks. Therefore we offer the XMS Edge, a hardware appliance as single gateway to the Cloud and the XMS Virtual Edge, a free download in the form of an easily deployable virtual machine.

  • More information if you opt to connect with a XMS Edge 
  • More information if you opt to connect with the XMS Virtual Edge 

Access to XMS Cloud Management Platform

Download the XMS Virtual Edge software

Be in control, everywhere, from anywhere

With XMS Cloud Management Platform, IT managers are always in full control of all Base Unit(s) in the network. They can securely access and configure units, monitor their health status and update these with just a few clicks to the most recent firmware. Upgrading software does not mean meeting room downtime, since the update can be scheduled after office hours. Notifications about the status of devices even optimize the maintenance and offer the chance for swift trouble-shooting, even before meeting room users are aware of an issue. With access to the real-time information on all wireless collaboration devices, IT managers can make sure their users are always enjoying a continuous, flawless meeting and user experience throughout the entire enterprise. .

Track your return on investment (ROI)

Driving the Digital Workplace can be boosted, provided you have access to the right data: insights on workspace occupancy and remote collaboration, adoption of collaboration experiences like touch functionalities and BYOD. XMS Cloud Management Platform provides a personalized view on availability and utilization of all your Base Unit(s). This information helps to make data-driven decisions to optimize the workspace capacity.

The most secure option

XMS Cloud Management Platform is based on Microsoft Azure technology and is penetration-tested making it a very secure solution for remote device management.

Download Security Whitepaper

In case device management via our Cloud solution is not possible or preferred, there is the option to use XMS Edge or XMS Virtual Edge as local management node. Only a subset of functionalities is available for this on premise management. The analytics and reports will not be available when working with XMS Edge or XMS Virtual Edge only.


  • Health and status monitoring 
  • Scheduling of software updates (from a remote location to anywhere worldwide)
  • User management (Assign usage rights in line with user responsibility, e.g. a facility manager can see all units in his facility, whereas his manager gets the full overview)
  • Facilitating the integration of ClickShare and wePresent* units into the company network.
  • Configuration templates: create standard configuration templates which can be deployed to all or to just a selection of Base Unit(s) in a network
  • Notifications via e-mail: new firmware available / Base unit warnings & system alerts
  • Wallpaper installation: pushing new wallpapers to any Base unit
  • Remote rebooting of Base Unit(s)

*Note that wePresent units currently can only be managed in offline (CMGS) mode within XMS.

Deep dive training

How to use the XMS Cloud Management Platform


XMS Cloud Management Platform

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